Spiritual Awakening
& Accelerator Workshop

A Step by Step Spiritual Transformation Workshop + Immersive Experience Journey


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Are your Ready to 


Discover Your Destiny Blueprint


Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey


Map out Your Daily Blueprint


Receive Light transmissions


Access Your Spiritual Power

In this Spiritually Awakening & Accelerator journey you'll ....


Powerful Activations

Receive powerful activations to ignote your Lightbody & merkaba Codes


Destiny Blueprint

Discover your Destiny Blueprint so you can navigate your Souls Journey by discovering  which destiny phase you're in



Decode & Recode

Decode & Recode for profound transformation & living your 5d reality

owl (2)

Full Immersion

Full immersion for full body & energy shifts

destinycodes (1)

Over 4 hours of Sacred Teachings

Sacred Teachings to expand your knowledge, awareness & consciousness




Discover Your Destiny Blueprint

In this Module you'll discover

✨ Your Destiny Mastery Blueprint & which phase you currently are in


✨  How to move from one Destiny phase to the next


✨  The bigger picture to any spiritual journey



Power of Energetic Purification

In this Module you'll discover

✨ The secret to creating permanent change & transformation


✨ My CAD process & why this is your key to decoding


✨ Your core wounding  & what this means to your spiritual growth


✨ Clear past life karmic wounds & cords that have kept you locked and vibrating at a lower frequency



Expanding Your Light

In this Module you'll discover

✨ How to infuse light to expand your Lightbody & crystalise your Spirit


✨ What spiritual technology is and what's really involved in the ascension process


✨  What makes sacred sites so powerful & why the Masters would travel to them





Your Daily Destiny Blueprint

In this Module you'll discover

✨ Daily steps you need to take to activate & accelerate your Destiny


How to anchor, ground & embody Light so you can live your spirituality



✨ Radiate your Light & live your highest version self



You'll Also receive these 4 Exclusive Bonuses


Spiritual Bonus # 1

Awakening Call Transmission 


Travel back into ancient times to realign to your purpose & reconnect to your passion & joy.

Experience the magic of the Light language and allow its codes to absorb you in a blanket of security, nurturance & support.


This is a perfect  to use whenever you feel stuck in the 3D, disoriented, overwhelmed and in need of realignment to your higher purpose






Goddess Bonus # 2

Clear, Release, Transmute 

Clear karmic cords and distortions that have been depleting you & feeling stuck

Purify lower emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy & judgement by transmuting these vibrations inside the cauldron of your heart

Perfect for empaths & sensitives

Goddess Bonus # 3

Expand Your Lightbody  

Delve deeper into the chambers of your heart, expand your lightbody and crystalize your Light.

Experience Light Language that transmits keys & codes for Light expansion & unlocking dormant codes in your DNA

Goddess Bonus # 4

Temple Gathering & Activation

Be transported through time & space into the Ascension Temple

Receive deep Healing, Realignment, Shifts of Frequency & Connection to the Spiritual Realms



Love for Chloe's Offerings ...

The purest Love I have ever felt

" I felt the presence of the Black Madonna. The purest LOVE I've ever felt! It's very humbling and comforting and extremely nurturing to be held by the Divine Feminine"

This was extremely powerful!

"This was extremely powerful and at the end of the meditation I was sobbing and it ended as quickly as it started but it was definitely a big release."

I met the Goddess face to face

"That activation was so gentle and loving, yet so powerful. I met the Goddess face to face in a way I haven't before.

It was up close and personal.

I feel changed.

My body and consciousness are still integrating"

Profound Experiences!

" I am having profound experiences every time I listen to the Queens Chamber journey "

I was in tears of Gratitude

"I was in tears of gratitude for I felt my womb for the first time, not mentally or just trying to visualize,

I saw beauty, blackness and blankness, purity, innocence and love and I cried myself a river as I dreamed of being a woman and just feel for eons."

Such a new state of BEING

I have finally stopped reacting to others negativity! I can hold my own Light now!! Such a new state of being!

It was so, so, SO Powerful

"I am suddenly experiencing something within my psyche that was not of my own creation ... it was so, so, SO powerful."

I have made massive upgrades!

" This was an amazing alchemical journey - I have made massive upgrades and am buzzing with energy and feel like laughing with delight all the time "


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