North Star Vision Quest for 2022

Discover & Anchor Your Highest Self Vision

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Find peace & stability during these turbulent times as you build your New Earth Template

Join this Transformative Experience 

In this 5 Day Experience you'll 

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Discover Your North Star 

Connect to your guiding Light to create a sense of stability & calm

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Create Your Vision Mantra

To keep you aligned & focused on your highest version of yourself

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Build Your New Earth Template

Build Your Sacred New Earth Template

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Shift Your Energetic Blueprint

Holographic Blueprint changes

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Tap into Infinite Possibilities

Tune into higher streams of light

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Prepare for 2022

Refine & define your higher purpose in preparation for the New Year

The old 3D world is collapsing around us & this can at times feel chaotic, unsafe & uncertain


Our very foundations are being shaken to the core both from within our own energetic blueprint and also collectively

It's all to easy to focus on the collapse, decay & chaos

But this will only make you feel more fearful, vulnerable & unmoored 

which then feeds the very paradigms & structures that we wish to release and let go of

So how can you find stability in these chaotic times?


AS the 3d world Collapses The key to finding inner peace & stability is to anchor yourself into the New Earth Template

The New Earth Template is birthed through each one of us connecting to our North Star vision and consistently placing our focus on this new vibration to ground & anchor it into our energetic architecture and outer reality

Join Chloe during this empowering 5 day immersive experience of transmissions, cosmic teachings & light codes.

Tune into the frequencies of the North Star to discover & anchor your higher self vision to co create your New Earth Template into your reality & life

Building Your New Earth Template

How it Works

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Daily Transmissions

Get daily transmissions from Chloe. Each transmission builds on the last energetically to recalibrate layer by layer your new energetic architecture

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Grounded Action

The key is to take daily action so each day is designed to be no longer than 20 minutes. You'll receive an email each day with access to your frequency materials

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Instant Access

All trainings will be provided inside a dedicated private portal. You'll have access to all the meditations, teachings & assignments for 10 days ( just in case you need extra time to catch up). You'll also have the opportunity to buy this frequency kit if guided

Love for Chloe's Offerings ...

Entire Energy is Shifting

"I've been doing your meditations and I am completely blown away by their power.

My entire energy system is shifting and I am so grateful the universe aligned my path to you.

Big shifts!"

My Life has Changed so much

"I am beyond grateful for all the work that you do.

My life has changed so much since finding you."

It was so, so, SO Powerful

"I am suddenly experiencing something within my psyche that was not of my own creation ... it was so, so, SO powerful."

Such a new state of BEING

I have finally stopped reacting to others negativity!

I can hold my own Light now!!

Such a new state of being!

I have made massive upgrades!

" This was an amazing alchemical journey!

I have made massive upgrades and am buzzing with energy and feel like laughing with delight all the time "


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